Download Naruto Senki APK V2.1.4 (Fully Unlocked)

Today, Naruto Senki APK fighting games are among the most popular kinds of games. These games provide exhilarating gameplay, so we enjoy them. Games like these often feature popular anime series! Additionally, now you can enjoy the ultimate Naruto mobile game by downloading the app. There are many fun opponents from the anime in this RPG game! Your skills can be unlocked and used in so many ways here.

You can download the latest version of the Naruto Senki MOD APK, and we will discuss all the details of this app down here.

Basic Information:

Game NameNaruto Senki APK
Size45.94 MB
Requirements5.0 and up

Today, anime shows have an international fan base due to their popularity. In addition to shows, several mobile games provide fun games for fans. Several Naruto games have been released, but this one stands out among them. However, play an impressive game with iconic characters, simple gameplay, and simple controls! To increase troop numbers, you must defeat many opponents. 

Naruto Senki APK

What is Naruto Senki?

Several popular anime shows also have video games. An anime show that has been extremely popular for many years is Naruto. The latest version of this app, one of the best games they’ve ever created lives on today. The majority are enjoyable due to their utmost quality.

Furthermore, the insane 2D combat in this popular RPG will challenge you. You can watch much anime and play many games today, but Naruto is undoubtedly the best. This story, its characters, and its skills are all things that fans will never forget. However, this game’s strong characters are Naruto, Jugo, Choji, Sugetsu, Pain, Sasuke, and Kakashi. There are also characters like Boruto, Itachi, Hinata, Tsunade, and Obito.

Features Of Naruto Senki:

Character Skill Upgradation:

Character Skill Upgradation

It is also possible to upgrade the characters’ skills in this game and unlock their full potential. By doing this, you will be able to defeat the boss’ enemies.

Fight In Offline Mode:

Fight In Offline Mode

It is possible to play this app online or offline. The online mode allows them to compete against players all over the world. It is possible to practice offline without being pressured by competition.

Additionally, the offline mode allows players to use chakra items, and Jutsu is unavailable online. Consequently, offline combat can improve skills and teach new techniques to players. I suggest you should also try other interesting apps as well like VIP Sawom Injector APK.

Offline Gameplay:

Offline Gameplay

There is no internet connection required to play the game. Playing this game can be done anywhere and anytime you want. However, there are several missions and a well-designed story to be found in the offline gameplay of the game.

PvP Fights:

PvP Fights

A multiplayer mode is also available where you can fight with your character in PvP. There will be real opponents in these fights, and they will be in real-time.

Different Anime Characters:

Different Anime Characters

The game has a variety of anime characters, so it’s not necessary to stick with one. Furthermore, With the XP and the money you earn from completing the missions, you can unlock different characters.

Unlocked All Characters:

Unlocked All Characters

Various anime characters appear in the game, and players must complete specific tasks to unlock them. Meanwhile, the easiest way to unlock full characters is by playing story mode. In addition to unlocking all the characters, players will get money and skills to experience the entire story.

Unlimited Money:

Unlimited Money

You’ll receive coins whenever you win a battle. Unfortunately, these coins are not sufficient to make in-app purchases. However, there might be a need to pay money to unlock certain things. Furthermore, not everyone can provide money. It’s no longer a concern for you. Get unlimited money with the update for free. It’s now easier to spend money when buying stuff.

Make A Team:

Make A Team

Working together on missions with other players is one of the game’s best features. As a result, completing missions becomes more accessible, and the gameplay becomes more complex.

2D Graphics:

2D Graphics

There are only 2D graphics in the game. Its visual design is no different from other Naruto-themed role-playing games. Furthermore, this game is impressive for its 3-D scenes after each character executes a move. There is a scene that looks similar to the anime battle scenes.



An exciting anime story is told in this app. It is a level-based game where each level contributes to the game’s story and has a different mission.

Furthermore, a level’s completion unlocks the next level and advances the story. The game’s color and sound systems are well designed, even though it is a 2D game. Additionally, you can play multiplayer PvP in real-time with your friends and play the game offline.

This app also known with the names of download naruto senki overcrazy, ultimate naruto senki 3 APK, naruto senki over crazy v1 and overcrazy v2.

MOD features:

  • Moves are unlocked
  • Coins are unlimited
  • Completion of missions
  • Unlocked skins
  • Unlocked characters
  • Unlimited health
  • Unlimited power

How To Install the App?

Installation of this app is pretty simple, just like we do in any other App available on this website such as Map Hack ML APK.

  • Here you can download the App.
  • Locate in your file manager the downloaded file.
  • After that Extract the zip file.
  • Tap on the icon to install.
  • Click here to play.
  • Here’s hoping you enjoy it.
Naruto Senki APK


In-game must unlock all characters in official versions. In contrast, unlocking all the characters in the modded version doesn’t cost a penny.

There is a new game version that features Pain and Orochimaru. Try it out by downloading the file from the link above.

Final Words:

As a result, fans of the Naruto series or anime can’t miss this game. There is nothing better for anime fighting game fans than the Naruto Senki Mod Apk. You won’t want to miss the thrilling 2D fights, so download the game now. 

Additionally, those who enjoy JRPGs and are fond of the franchise should consider downloading this game. Playing on the go is easier with the mod, as it offers a more well-rounded experience. The game brings the series to life in another medium, and I highly recommend it to all fans!

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