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Do you want free fonts and themes for your phone? We are here with a fantastic app iMOD Pro APK that will help you get everything you need.

Basic Information:

APP NameiMOD Pro
Size3.7 MB
Requirements4.0 and up

The player can customize any Oppo Android device with a collection of fonts and themes.

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What is Zolaxis Patcher APK?

It is a mobile Legends skin injector that unlocks all locked content. In this game, there are a lot of players who want to excel, but they lack the funds to do so. This post offers them a free access to all skins and tools.

This game does not require money to play. Moreover, all other apps available in this website such as VIP Sawom Injector APK is completely free for everyone. There are no complications associated with its use. All characters have skins, complete tools, and customization options. You can watch your enemies with drone View and much more.

What Is iMOD PRO?

iMOD Pro APK allows you to customize your phone’s themes, wallpapers, and messages. Furthermore, users will be able to create fictitious communications with this program. Your phone numbers can be misunderstood if you use any name. With this program, user can customize their phone to suit their needs. Additionally, your phone does not need root access for this program to work. Consequently, our website offers the app for free.

Furthermore, it can customize your phone’s icon, screen, theme, and text style. With just one tool, you can complete multiple tasks. This app was designed primarily for Oppo and Realm smartphones. However, there are other injectors are also available that will run smoothly on all sort of Android phone, like Ag Injector APK. So, if you are facing issues with this app try others that are free available on this site.

This application allows you to create theme backdrop images and write text for free. Gamers can send multiple fake messages at the same time. Nonetheless, it allows you to send bogus messages and topics. Among other things, you can customize the screen, theme, text style, and icon.


Customize Your Phone:

Customize Your Phone

This app has the unique capability to change the icon, theme, and font style. Players can also customize their phones in terms of their overall appearance. Therefore, fewer tools are needed to accomplish a lot.

Widgets And Lock screens:

Widgets And Lockscreens

The lock screen of iMOD Pro is customizable with wallpapers and texts. Additionally, widgets are customizable. This app can add attractive wallpapers and text to your lock screen. Additionally, you can enjoy screen widgets and modify your widgets with this app.

Themes And Background:

Themes And Background

It is possible to change the theme and background. After installing the theme, you can change the background photo and set a new background. Users can use a different background image with a different theme. Always use the most recent version to ensure the best results and the most recent wallpapers and themes.

Message And Settings:

Message And Settings

Selecting a setting option allows you to customize the bubbles for your text messages. From the internet, gamers can add new bubbles to your collection. In addition to sending fake messages, you can hide your original number and name using iMOD Pro.

Status Indicator:

Status Indicator

You can write or mention a message in the status bar to make your phone look more appealing. Your app’s status bar appears on your screen. Text can be written or mentioned in the status bar. With this exciting feature, gamers can enhance their phone’s appearance.

Launcher Icons: 

Launcher Icons

The iMOD pro app provides launcher editor icons. Your device allows you to customize the icons used by different apps. Launcher icons can be customized and removed using the launcher icon feature.

Battery Warning:

Battery Warning

The battery warning can also be changed and styled. Users can customize battery warnings by changing their color and text.

Bubblies in your Messages:

Message And Settings

When this option is enabled, you can personalize the bubblies of your messages. It is possible to download beautiful bubblies for your collection.

Notification Panel: 

Notification Panel 

You can customize your notification panel by enabling this feature. To put it another way, players can change icons in the panel. Furthermore, you can also choose attractive background colors and artistic fonts with different colors.

How To Install?

  • Install iMod Pro 1.3.4 APK.
  • Install the Oppo Theme Store and open it.
  • After selecting a theme or font, apply it.
  • Using the recent application, close the Theme Store.
  • Click the blue button above to open iMod Pro.
  • The theme will be free forever automatically.

What Are The Critical Features Of iMOD Pro?

Several people are interested in learning more about this app, so that we will highlight some of its unique features.

  • iMOD Pro allows you to customize your phone’s fonts, themes, and many other features. 
  • Using a single app, users can customize the phone’s overall look.
  • Widgets and lock-screen. Wallpapers and texts are customizable on the lock-screen. Users can also change widgets on phones.
  • This app allows users to change themes. For the best results, you need to use the most recent version.
  • The user can use the app’s several images to change the background.
  • In the app, users can easily customize messages according to their choices.
  • To enhance the look of your smartphone, you can change the status bar text in the app.
  • Music can be added along with songs by users.
  • Gamers can send fake messages to different numbers using this application.


As a result, This latest updated version of iMOD Pro APK app is handy. The Android device allows you to customize your Android device. The app gives you access to all the newest themes, text styles, and more on your smartphone. Moreover, for other interesting injectors like Map Hack ML APK, you can explore the site.

Further, Android users use this app and enjoy themes without restrictions. Go and download it right now. Please recommend this to other Android users looking for this kind of app. Your opinions are welcome below in the comments section.

Imod Pro APK

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