Box Skin Injector APK v11.3 Free Download (Latest Version)

I will tell you about a great application called Box Skin Injector APK. You are in the right place if you are looking to unlock all the epic legends in Mobile Legend. You can use this injector on all Android operating systems, including low-end devices.

Basic Information:

APP NameBox Skin Injector
Size9.5 MB
Requirements4.0 and up

Box Skin Injector is the best application I’ve ever found in ML history. This app provides all types of skins, along with multiple cheats, for ML games. You can inject any skin with one click, and you can also find unique edition costumes. As a result, more audiences will indeed be attracted.

What is Box Skin Injector APK?

Box Skin Injector Image

New Box Skin 2023 Injector carries a name similar to its function. You can access drone views, battle effects emote, and skins through an injector app. RDM87 developed it to allow new ML users to use cheat features for free.  

There are a lot of unique features that make this injector powerful and charismatic.ML skins can be quickly injected with a single tap using the application’s injection button. As a result, you can quickly get the desired skins in the game according to your requirements by repeating this step.

The application’s primary function is to provide you with a wide variety of skins. In addition, it offers many other hacking tools and cheats that can help you achieve your desired status.

In addition to multiple battle effects and drone views, you can also get 100% resources and classified hacks. Professionals and beginners alike can benefit from the application.

What’s new in it?

A New Box Skin injector adds new features and modes to the game. Users can inject their favorite skin into the game, purchase features, and invest money to play game updates. You don’t have to purchase any futures after downloading this app and can access any skin you like. There is no app store for this app since it is made for fans of MLBB.

ML games give you limited access to the game; if you want to defeat your enemies, you need potent characters. You can now get new skins and characters in-game by downloading the New Box Skin Injector. 

The Skin Injector app makes all characters’ premium skins available for free. Users can improve their gaming power by injecting some cheats into the game.




With The New Box Skin Injector 2023, you can choose from a wide variety of skins, just like you experience is ML Skin Injector APK. There are skins for an Assassin, a Fighter, a Mage, a Marksman, a Tank, and a Support. This app offers more than just skins and other items for Mobile Legends.



Users can run the application on almost any Android operating system. A specific device or operating system is not required to run the injector. The tool is more user-friendly because of this feature.

Free ML Skins:

Free ML Skins

In many video games, players buy skins for their heroes. As the world has modernized, people expect everything for free. A typical person isn’t interested in spending any money. The permanent Box Skin Injector gives users access to the same skins and tools that once cost them money.

Free Download:

Free Download

This permanent skin injector is available anywhere for free. You can download all Android OS versions for free.

Fighter Skins:

Fighter Skins

It is common to use these injectors for weight loss and anti-aging. Models emit small electrical currents that stimulate muscle growth or reduce inflammation.

Aesthetic Skins:

Aesthetic Skins

Box skin ml are typically used in place of laser treatments and chemical peels for cosmetic purposes. In addition to opening pores, removing hair, reducing oil gland size, and smoothing the skin, they also open pores.

Sci-Fi Skins:

Sci-Fi Skins

The injectors produce temporary glowing tattoos. In some cases, phosphorescent chemicals can last up to three days under bright or direct sunlight. The Aesthetic Skin Injector Apk helps you safely and efficiently use sci-fi injectors on your phone.

Cheats Codes:

Cheats Codes

Players created the first injectors for cheating in video games. Now, athletes use them to reduce their chances of sustaining injuries. Their chemical composition aids in the healing of bones and strengthens muscles.

Photo Injection:

Photo Injection

It is commonly used to conceal tattoos, adjust skin tone, and remove blemishes. The best phones to use them with are those with flashes.

Chemical Injection:

Chemical Injection

The injectors are made with only FDA-approved chemicals and are available in different colors. Ink is typically injected into your skin’s upper layer to create temporary tattoos.

MLBB Skins Are Available:

You can now unlock premium skins for free, some of which are listed below.

You Can Get Fighter Skins:

  • Guinevere.
  • Zilong.
  • Alpha.
  • Martis.
  • Hilda.
  • Bane.
  • Jawhead.
  • Balmond.
  • Badang.
  • Leomord.
  • Chou.
  • Freya.
  • Alucard.
  • Masha.
  • Korg.
  • Aldous.
  • Lapu-Lapu.
  • Sun.
  • Argus.

You Can Get Tank Skins:

  • Franco.
  • Johnson.
  • Tigreal.

You Can Also Get Assassin Skins:

  • Hayabusa.
  • Karrina.
  • Saber.
  • Guison.
  • Fanny.
  • Selena.
  • Lancelot.
  • Ling.

Some Additional Features:

  • The application categorizes all injection resources well.
  • MLBB is compatible with the latest update.
  • Error-free and bug-free.
  • Suitable for both rooted and unrooted Android devices.
  • There is no charge at all.
  • It does not charge a fee for its services.
  • It is easy to use.

Pros And Cons:


  • You can access all the ML Skins, which number in the hundreds.
  • It allows you to enjoy all the in-game features for free.
  • It is easy to access all the cheats of this injector.


  • Your account’s safety is not guaranteed.
  • To hide your identity from ML authorities.
  • These luxuries may be customary to you.

App Password:

A password is not required to install the updated New Box Skin Injector ML. As a result of security, injector apps require a password to install on android devices. You get that and enter it into the box. The player cannot start the game without a password.

How To Install?

  • Download the latest version from our website first.
  • Install from unknown sources through your phone’s settings. Install the app.
  • Android Mobile shows the application after installation.
  • A skins hack is an example of a hack.
Box Skin Injector APK


This app is safe and won’t harm your phone. This site does not contain any malware or viruses.

You can expect it to deliver on its promises. It won’t disappoint you once you install it.

Final Words:

As a result, the updated 2023 Box Skin Injector APK is a new ML tool that contains skins, battle emotes, and recall effects. That’s a lot of stuff! Custom analog, map, and many cheats for diamonds, coins, and gold. 

Your rank will increase as you gain experience and win multiplayer battles. Your screen does not have a pop-up icon. Use this mod to your advantage and benefit from it. In the comments section, please share it with your family members and friends if you find it reliable.

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